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Gacha Guild March 2019 - Live Now!

Gacha Guild March 2019 - Live Now!


You can send an email regarding any projects to

Or contact Zoxin Resident in-world.


For Marketplace Reviewers:

Remember, when leaving a review, you want to review the actual product, it's not really the place to pull a star because it wasn't made for the avatar you personally use, all it does is hurt future development. 

Any negatives should be listed otherwise I can't fix the issue you're having!

If you want to suggest ideas please do so to the email listed below.



Please note ALL items are made for the default, out-of-the-box state avatars, I CANNOT provide any official support for third party modifications which were not previously declared including shapes, body mods etc, if you're having issues, please try your item on a new unboxing and proceed from there.


Customer satisfaction and self improvement is very important to me! 

If you have any issues with products on the inZoxi store, please get in contact with me or leave a review and I'll see what I can do to fix the issue! 

You can also reach me via, please have patience as I typically have a ton of projects in the works.

Textures for previous products are available from the inzoxi website, if you find the desired textures are not up on there, please contact me.