Commission Agreement

inZoxi Client and Provider Agreement (Original: 16/09/2018)

- UPDATED 19/10/2019

- Compliance and restructuring.

IMPORTANT:  Any data you provide in regards to inquiries, payment of services or general communication through any of our channels will be recorded purely for business purposes; we do not sell or provide any customer data other than where required to by English Law.


"inZoxi" from this point on will cover both its owner and any parties in connection with the creation process.

"Client" will be those paying for a service in any currency from inZoxi.

"Project", "Materials" will serve as terms for the service and its corresponding parts being paid for.

The client acknowledge the contents of this document and agrees to all conditions expressed within upon entering a project with inZoxi.

This document is written in UK English. inZoxi, its owner and its partners will not be held responsible for readers, third party contributors and/or clients who proceed with payment without full understanding and/or misinterpretation of this documents contents - please email for assistance if you do not understand any part of this agreement.

inZoxi requires its clients to recognise certain agreements listed within this document. If these agreements are broken after payment, inZoxi will withhold all materials related to the project and proceed at its own discretion. All applicable rights under law regarding any digital content produced (by inZoxi) will be retained by inZoxi until payment is received in full.


Official contact channels for inZoxi are the email address "" and the Second Life account "Zoxin Resident", other contacts will be listed during Project setup. Clients will be responsible for payment going to the correct account as inZoxi cannot issue refunds for money it has not received.

During the creation process, inZoxi retains the right to charge for changes to the project it feels are significant enough to do so. If changes are desired, the project will be halted until payment is received or the client retracts the changes.


If the client has not responded within a 1 month period from last correspondence, the project will be halted to make room for other clients. This can be re-initialized within 3 months of last correspondence with no penalty. Once these three months are expended, the project will be assumed abandoned - whilst resuming the project will still be possible, the project will be treated as new and the client will be charged the full amount of the original price in one sum.


In turn, inZoxi retains the right to halt work it is uncomfortable with carrying out, whether this regards the nature of the project, personal issues or the client. inZoxi will not tolerate abuse of any type and as such, can and will refuse further contact. Such things also risk full cancellation of the project without refund of services.

Any personal issues which result in cancellation of a project will ALWAYS be refunded, materials produced will NOT be dispensed to the client unless expressed otherwise.

Whilst inZoxi tends to keep on top of filtering out potential copyright/trademark-infringing projects, it cannot account for each and every one. Clients are responsible for making sure their reference content is either their own or they have permission to use it.

Materials created by inZoxi are at the responsibility of their clients. Anything outside of project(s) creation concerning a client (I.E Abuse) is beyond inZoxi's purview of responsibility.

-Contact Information-


Second Life 'In-World' name: Zoxin Resident


[iZi] Commission Notecard PROOF COPY


Before continuing, please review the commission agreement page for up to date information:

Commission price information:

Previous Works:


This notecard is not a demand for payment, merely a reference to seek an agreement. 

However, payment will serve as proof of our agreement.


Payments are taken through Paypal, smaller projects may be traded for L$ in-world.


-  Will be provided with source files and a full permission copy in-world.

-  Have 2 revision tokens, after which used cost 19USD per revision.

-  Scripts will be provided copy, no mod, no transfer in ALL commissions.


Commissions come as MOD, COPY, NO TRANSFER and all rights are retained by inZoxi unless you take EXCLUSIVITY. Exclusivity is a paid benefit which is half the full cost. 

You will gain:

- Rights to the item source files (NO RAW FILES: i.e .Blend files) outside of secondlife (including uploading it under your own name).

- Rights to resell the item.

- inZoxi cannot redistribute the item.

----<end of payments section>----

Regarding issues with products:

Exclusive commissions will have a grace period of one month for fixes, once ended the project is considered complete.

Non-exclusive commissions have a 10 day grace period for fixes, once ended the project is considered complete.


By using any inZoxi services, including this website, your data may be stored solely for Business purposes related to inZoxi and its partners.

inZoxi does not provide customer data in any format where it is not required by English Law.