Ruby Hills


Ruby Hills, tucked behind the willows and reeds of Saddlewood, holds treasures of a royal and gloriously fashionable race. 

The sim takes the oriental theme to its very heart, allowing it to stream through the roots to every corner of the area. 

Whilst Ruby Hills takes a fashionable, high class no-touch attitude and palette under its wing, its founders maintain a friendly atmosphere for sandboxers, as is a long running tradition in inZoxi's portfolio entries.

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An upcoming sim based on the Fallout Equestria universe.

Residing in the sim Moon Bright, the Streamline team has taken a true community effort betwixt themselves and several talents amongst the SL MLP community to recreate a small mining town rising through the ashes of bombs fallen. 

Carbondale, as it was formerly known to its original occupancy of a miner-focused population, finds itself fronted by sea, only to otherwise be surrounded by dense forests and distant mountain ranges. 

The town itself is filled with many typical, albeit weathered, features including stores, warehouses, mines, hotels, "homes", caves, radioactive hazards and more.


"Though the streets are drenched in visual misery, the staff and the budding community promote a casual, friendly atmosphere where every class of action (within reason) are allowed to take place from RP to general hang-out material. All are welcome regardless of if they're 'ponified' or not". 

For inZoxi, this project provides a branch to its roots in a grungy, dark and post-love world with little more than a grimace of its past, this is what the Z does best.


After leaving Lunas Empire, many members of the original team (and a few awesome new additions) moved onto creating Saddlewood, a new haven for all. 

Whilst Saddlewood is an ongoing work in progress and has evolved tenfold over its short time in world, hosted events and its beloved social team keep it floating at the top of relevant search results whilst a solid structure is built beneath by its owners and build team. 

In the end, Saddlewood's goal is to create a space of collaboration and friendship where all are welcome with the chance to contribute.

07/2018 - Saddlewood has moved sims to a set of privately owned islands, and although I myself have left in pursuit of self improvement, Saddlewood remains under the same guise of its loving owners.

 The sim now flaunts a new look from a brilliant new build team as it continues to prove itself time and time again to be a community that breeds success within its ranks, being entirely unafraid of evolving time and time again.

Saddlewood has moved to its own name as the old sim with the name Village officially retired on the 21 July 2018.

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Lunas Empire

A community project between both new and old friends which was something of a spectacle. 

Much of the original team moved on, including myself, to work on a new community known as 'Saddlewood' due to disparity of communication with the owner.

This place has ceased to exist in its original state and this section remains as a memorial to such a time - this place is no longer the community I once supported and holds zero respect to those who kept it in the limelight at their own expense.