Frequently - Asked - Questions


Q: The Caspervend system/Marketplace says I'm banned!

A: You already know why.

Can I get the texture for your product so I can edit it?

A: Please ask me either via or inworld (zoxin resident), do not rip textures as your use license does not cover editing without permission unless textures are provided in their raw form inworld or via a PSD link.

Q: Can I trade X for X?

A: Whilst trading and selling gachas amongst the rest of SL is entirely encouraged, we do not condone trading from the source; inZoxi (and by extension, Domforge) will not provide you with a gacha trade, please don't ask for it.

Q: Your vendor is swallowing my Lindens!

First off: PLEASE PLAY VENDORS AT A FAIR PACE, give vendors a chance to give you an item before you pay it again or you may not recieve your items!

A: We apologize for this, and it will be looked into if brought to our attention, but if our vendor system says you have been sent the item, we cannot help you or refund you.

However, should the system not display your sale, we will promptly refund you.

Q: I can't get/haven't pulled X from your gacha machine, it must be broken!:

A: Your chances are random - this means you can potentially get the same thing, over and over, for the rest of time! 

These machines are not broken, they are doing exactly as they are designed to do.

This is an interesting read for those a little more curious on the topic of 'Random':

Q: I opened my voucher and now it's broken, can I get a new one?

A: No, we do not provide replacements for users incorrectly utilizing their products.

Q: Can you help me with X's avatar/item/skin/etc?

A: Unless you are specifically using an inZoxi product (or a product we had a part in, for example some accessories from NutBusterz), we do not have the time to assist you - please see the creator of your item for help.

Q: There's an issue with a product of yours!

A: If you genuinely feel its an issue with the product, please let me know either inworld (zoxin) or via