Full production team for your creative endeavours


Motivated and skilled, imagination rapidly becomes truth when this one puts pen to the page.



inZoxi Founder and jack of all trades, backed by 13 years of virtual world experience.



inZoxi's German engineered scripts are sourced here, allowing you to watch as projects explode into life.



Art by Nuttychooky

Nutty graces us with the ability to deliver a more personal touch on projects such as logos, project designs, concept work and general creative asset stock, providing the smaller details that really bring a project together.

They also provide a commission service for those wanting drawings of their choosing.

You can find more from Nutty on their FA Page.

Mesh by Zoxin

From head to toe, visor to boot, barrel to stock, Zoxin has access to some of the more intimate knowledge of Second Life's creation process and acts as the figurehead for group projects as well as a point of contact for clients.

Provides Mesh, FX, rigging, texturing, concepts and various off-the-head skills. You can see most of Zoxin's work in this gyazo collection.

Scripts by Fie

Programming is Fie's Forte and logic is their weapon - taking something that looks cool and injecting a range of functionality.

An avid programmer in various languages who has a dedication to client satisfaction and proper sim care for a lag-free experience. 


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